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Description: Hello! Today, I'm finally releasing Koopa Kid Land here. Even if the background isn't the best, I still believe it's a cool board to play!
The Koopa Kids finally have their own board and it's pretty dangerous with his numerous Bowser Spaces, his fair share of red spaces and paths that have an fee to them!
If you take the red arrow's path, you will have to pay 5 coins to Koopa Kid but it will lead to either Boo or the Item Shop! You can also land on the happening spaces to visit either event. (Little Mouser triggers Boo & Paratroopa triggers the Item Shop) The coins are stocked on the Flying Clown Car, land on the Bowser Space bellow to gain all the coins the Koopa Kids stole from you!
I recommend this board if you wanna play an interesting gimmick and wanna make having enough coins for a star to be more of a challenge than usual!
Hope you'll have fun with this board, don't forget to tell me your opinion on the board and to rate it! Also, don't forget to check out the forum to discover even more boards!
Posted by: Spongyoshi January 22, 2018, 11:48:38 AM

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