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Description: I'm back with my signature looping islands! This board was created for the 3rd Create a Mario Party Board Contest. Boy, was this one a lot of work... (so many problems...) Anyway, I still had a lot of fun making it! I hope I achieved the effect I was going for... The idea is that you're travelling through Toad's Chrismas-eve dreams. Once again, I got the vast majority of the assets used from the 3D Warehouse, but this time I'm proud to say that I modeled the banks, the shop, and the bed Toad is sleeping in from scratch in Blender! I also drew the Christmas trees on the top-left island from scratch. I even made the background animate so that the glowy things would pulsate and the smoke would puff in and out... But there was a weird flickering problem, sadly... Players start on the center island, and can cross any of the four bridges to proceed to any of the four secondary islands. Travel on all islands is clockwise, as indicated by the arrows. From any island you can either proceed to the next island (in clockwise order), or back to the center island, allowing truly free travel across the map. This was to destroy the linearity of the board; I always like to encourage player-choice and strategy. The space distribution went through many, many revisions before I came to this final one (this involved much convincing to get my siblings to test with me), and it will hopefully be further improved after critique from our judges. Anyway, I really hope everyone likes it! Please leave comments and ratings! Note: This board was created for Mario Party 3 but was ported to Mario Party 2 due to the Mario Party 3 version being unstable. I intend to port it back to 3 at some point; I now know how to make it more stable (I think).
Posted by: StalfosKing January 15, 2018, 03:37:06 PM

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Very cool stage with lots of options & pathways! The perfect sequel to Paradise Isles!

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