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Description: "Use your Star Power to light the Observatory beacon." To guide Rosalina's lost child back to its home! This was a submission for the Custom Board Contest #3.

Fitting with the other MP1 styles, Rosalina's Cosmic Icecap has its own little situation. Still, it draws heavily from Super Mario Galaxy and even mixes a taste of classic N64-era to it - with the classic Rosalina design created by KatLime (DeviantArt).

Talking about the board's design, it's relatively simple loop design, with two branches off of a "main" path (even if it bears little resemblance to one). The farther paths provide access to Chance Spaces and Boo (although, due to PP64 limitations in overwriting, every Star Space keeps turning into a Chance Space...). Lumas appear to congregate at Mushroom Spaces (Blue Lumas) and Minigame Spaces (Yellow Lumas) - these are also much more common in the farther paths.

The Happening Spaces located near clusters of Star Bits cause a Luma to ask you to trade some of the Star Bits for coins, rewarding you with between 4 and 8 coins.

Next, the Happening Spaces near groups of Ice Flowers cause your character to get blasted with a frost of cold air and frozen, losing between 5 and 7 coins.

Happening Spaces near Green Lumas cause them to bring you to another Green Luma, acting as a warp event. There are three Green Lumas on the board.

As a side note, I originally had a concept where Happening Spaces on the ice tiles would have caused the leftmost one to break, and the rest of them to float along over - in essence, like a conveyor belt (and the spaces on these ice tiles could even change). Landing on the leftmost one would cause it to break, your character to sink into the water, and then get sucked up into the black hole below. This would clearly cause at least a loss of coins. Unfortunately, with the current landscape in MP1 custom event coding, it was not feasible, and so the idea has been omitted.

Finally, I'd like to mention that while it's no longer using DK's Jungle Adventure's ending, it has Peach's Birthday Cake's ending. There's the odd Piranha Plant and spot of whipped cream, but it's certainly an improvement. Eternal Star's ending would be better, but alas, with the current limitations, it is impossible. Also, for the Splashscreen image, I ended up using the background image from Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge that was rendered in full by Rosalina-Luma (DeviantArt).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this submission and enjoy playing on this board! It was a blast to make it, and boy was it exciting to finally play on it.

EDIT (v2.1): Now includes 8-byte alignment of the stack to prevent custom events from causing N64 crash on Everdrive.
Posted by: Mario_Comix December 25, 2019, 11:34:14 PM

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October 13, 2019, 12:23:12 AM
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, that Bowser placement has been deemed questionable. If MP1 custom events become more feasible, I'll definitely revisit this board. (Also, this was made when PP64 had space-alignment issues, so I guess it's out of date?)
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September 22, 2019, 02:27:43 PM
A simple linear board that get it's job's done, even if Bowser's placement is... questionable and a linear board makes for a kinda random game but whatever since that seems to be the goal! :P
Also, next time don't put spaces so close to the edges of the map!
4/5 board it's solid still

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