Ice Land (MPL Contest #3 entry)

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Description: ---Winner of the "Create a Mario Party Board Contest #3"---
Almost all drawings by my sister, everything else by me!
Here's a brand new LAND for Mario Party 2! Ice Land, complete with custom rules!
Because of the custom rules, this board can only be played with 4 human players (or with 2 players with the Double Cherry code)
There is two custom rules for this board:
1) There is Freezies spots for every branching path outside, marked by either a 1 or 2. At the start of the game, only the freezies spots marked by a 1 are blocked (which means you cannot cross them, acting like nighttime thwomps). However, at the end of every turn or everytime you land on an happening space (similarly to Luigi's Engine Room), 1-marked spots and 2-marked spots switch (If the paths marked by a 1 are currently blocked, the paths marked by a 2 are blocked instead and vice-versa). However, you can bypass this limitation by using a skeleton key at the start of your turn and you will be able to choose freely any path you want for the next branching path you'll cross!
2) Every turn that is a multiple of 5, you'll need to watch out for the avalanche! If you are not inside a cave (paths in a navy blue section), you will go back to the start! However, since PP64 doesn't allow that, every player caught by the avalanche is obligated to go to the nearest red cross to be brought back to the start. Unlike the other rule, you cannot bypass it.
Have fun with this board, I'm so glad it turned out so well!
Posted by: Spongyoshi December 23, 2017, 04:34:32 PM

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