Yoshi's Islands (MPL Contest #2 entry)

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Description: 2nd place of Board Contest Number 2 of Mario Party Legacy gets an upgrade!! Fixes after judge's feedback & overall better space distribution + working happening spaces!!

The name might reminds you of Yoshi's Tropical Island but besides the fact there's two different islands, those are two different boards! The two islands are rivals to each-others and are separated by gates, you must have a Skeleton Key to cross to the other side (or other items such as warp blocks or genie lamps)

You start at the bottom one, it's the Isle where Yoshi & his friends decided to live in! This section is fairly simple, containing only blue, red and item spaces as well as an item shop ready to help you on your adventure! If you cross the bridge however, you'll go to the Isle where Yoshi's enemies decided to live in! There is no Item Shop here so be careful if you want to go back... There is however a slightly frantic assortiment of spaces as well as Koopa and Boo ready to steal all your currency! Watch out for Nep-Enut & the Piranha Plants as well!!

I tried to make the artstyle of the board reminiscent of Yoshi Island's artstyle, I also added more visual elements on this version! And also, try to find the three hidden events on the board, they will come in handy!!
Posted by: Spongyoshi October 09, 2018, 12:49:57 PM

Rating: **** by 1 members.

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