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Description: It's a dream of fun toys.

We got frames of the moving train and real working MP5-like item shops.

It was made by Little_Mac with bugfixes and other file images from Dominic.
Posted by: Little_mac December 23, 2016

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January 07, 2017
This is a great looking board, obviously from MP5, but nevertheless it has been edited pretty nicely. The animations are pretty neat, of course the train getting reset is probably unavoidable. (I wonder what would happen with ~100 animation frames to bring the train all the way around? Don't try that, I think it will break :) but it would be an interesting experiment. I think it equally spreads the animation frames over about a second so that would probably make it way too fast.)

From a technical perspective this is done well (good use of invisible spaces) but I do have some thoughts:
  • The board select is out of place, if it were designed as a plain brownish icon it would blend in.
  • When players reach the item / banks, they turn forwards because there aren't item / bank objects (the little koopa shells) placed over the candy dispenser things. In MP2 placing these things won't cause any visual change, they only serve to align the player during dialog, so I think it makes sense here to add them.
  • Toy Dreamland to match the game's boards? :)
Shy Guy

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January 04, 2017
Thank you soo much GallopingLifeDeer :D
I very much appreciated reading all of that, that was very nice of you :)
Shy Guy

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December 26, 2016
This board is the stuff, the real stuff, the stuff of kings I say! I must commend Little_Mac for his noble efforts in recreating the authentic Toy Dream experience in a format where it is playable on Mario Party 2 released for the Nintendo 64 by Nintendo and Hudson Soft in 2000. I believe that this board has the power to provide you and our friends with a pleasant gaming experience that we all deserve. When I played this board, my mind got lost in all the toys because you wouldn't believe how many toys there are. If you think that the amount of toys is staggering, wait until you see the amount of Koopa Banks the amount of love and care put into this labor of love and care for you big guy so lets all have fun playing A Mario Party 5 board i Mario Party 2 because putting a Mario Party 2 board in Mario Party 5 is currently not possible at the moment so I believe that we should at least have it one way. If you agree, please download this board and have your life enriched by a pleasant gaming experience that would not be possible without Little_Mac and the creators of Mario Party 2 and 5. The happening spaces don't do anything but that is because Party Planner 64 does not have the ability to make happening spaces do anything so it is not at all the fault of the ingenious Little_Mac so there is no reason to fault him for his best creation yet. This board has no flaws it is a perfect 10/10 masterpiece and I can't recommend it enough believe me

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