Mario Party 1 Custom Boards

Wii Menu (With Characters) (None)14650June 22, 2020Ultrasonic136
Vila do Chaves (None)9033June 19, 2020JMGO
Some 1950s Black White Nostalgia (None)20493May 12, 2020JMGO
Neon Party!! (None)317344March 15, 2020Tmcgaming
bowser's circle (None)293508February 02, 2020tntmoms
Tropical Trouble (None)335462January 21, 2020Tmcgaming
Crazy Space (None)286504January 18, 2020Tmcgaming
Koopa's Coin Board (None)10281124November 24, 2019SkyNigh
BuuHuus Markttrubel (None)439544November 18, 2019Dukemon
Watch Out! (None)406356October 12, 2019bucknike
Spacial Road (None)346395August 27, 2019JMGO
Bowser's Magma Castle (None)707566July 26, 2019JMGO
Mambo Beach (None)715637July 20, 2019JMGO
The Great Crossover (None)856609July 12, 2019JMGO
Blarggs Fire Rivers (None)768987June 11, 2019Mahuu
Kˇpitcha Castle (None)583611March 07, 2019JMGO
Snowy Fields (None)762611December 31, 2018JMGO
Orange Magma Mountain (None)1035939October 09, 2018JMGO
Mushroom Kingdom Party Board (None)12551158October 05, 2018SMgamer02
The Sinksand Basement (None)671526October 02, 2018JMGO
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