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Re: Mario Party 11 characters
« Reply #30 on: December 20, 2015 »
My post didn't not make sense, Dry Bones is much more popular than Birdo, believe it or not, and "more recent Mario Party" appearance makes no sense in contrast to your point, Dry Bones is just an overall better character.
However, it doesn't matter about popularity, it's about what makes sense.
It's more likely Birdo would make it in because ND Cube has used Birdo, but not Dry Bones in a Mario Party game.  :P
Bowser, do you ever learn anything?
It's not "what makes sense".
Did Pink Gold Peach make any damn sense in Mario Kart 8?
Did Spike make sense in Mario Party 10?
And Nd Cube is 100% ex-Hudson employees, get it right, that sure as hell makes no sense.
Your arguments are so stupid you lose any credibility by just saying them.
You have no idea how rosters are made for games, I don't either, but I have quite a bit better idea than you do obviously.