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Title: The Lost Levels: Episode 236 - Paper Mario: Color Splash
Post by: SpiderStaryu on October 20, 2016

Episode 236 - Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash is finally released and The Lost Levels have a lot to say on the controversial Wii U game. We’ll let you know right off the bat that we loved it! We discuss the story, the interesting yet bland characters, the humor, and of course, the level design and gameplay. The second half of the episode is dedicated to discussing each and every level in the game, including our funniest moments! This episode is also special in that we have Color Splash’s beautiful soundtrack playing all throughout the episode, including the spectacular credits theme at the end! SuperZambezi hosts this colorful episode as SpiderStaryu and Trash Bin The-Know-It-All Toad Sol join in on the discussion!

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