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Title: [MP2] Chalk Board Land
Post by: Bubblegum Chameleon on September 14, 2017
For those who going back to school, Now introducing a board where you can grab your chalk and draw an adventure ahead.

Try posting this on the Download link but unable to do to Max Size Files. So here that can hopefully work more. This map is mainly made to make up for another map that didn't get much good reception. Enjoy.

Note that this was made in Pixlr that have crashed multiple times during making the board. Luckily after some time, I manage to finish the board and place my spots.

Link: (

Board Logo

Layout of the Board

Paths for many twist and turns. Along with Boo and Shops.

Background for the Start

Starting Line
Title: Re: [MP2] Chalk Board Land
Post by: MarioComix on September 14, 2017
Huh, interesting how you made the middle crossroads work! I'll have to try this one out sometime.