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Description: In Honor of the Nintendo 3DS, I have made a custom board based on it and the games it held. This is also my first custom board posted here so feel free to tell me if things are buggy.
Before Turn/player turn/before dice block: Control Bowser by MarioComix, Skeleton Key prompt v1.3 by MarioComix, duel and item game randomizers by MarioComix
Happening Spaces: Warp to Opponent by MarioComix, get Item (none if full and coins if full) by MarioComix, give current player coins by MarioComix, and Space Warp by Spongyoshi
Other: Skeleton Key Path v1.4 by MarioComix
Update 1.1:
- Changed board layout
   *removed a decent chuck of spaces
   *replaced some red spaces with blue spaces
- Added locked doors for skeleton key paths
Posted by: redninjapuffle March 10, 2023

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