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Description: Gwa ha ha! It's me! Koopa Kid! Happy to see me? I thought so! Let's see how I can make your life miserable this time. Hm... I know!
I'll upload this event to the Mario Party Legacy site so it can ruin everyone's custom boards!

This code is designed to replicate the Koopa Kid Space from Mario Party 7. If the EventIndex parameter is set to 0, it will randomize 1 of the following 6 events:
(1) Turn player's next roll is cursed.
(2) Equalize all player's coins. (Bowser Revolution)
(3) Swap turn player's coins with a random player.
(4) Swap turn player's position with a random player.
(5) Shuffle the position of all players. (Bowser Shuffle)
(6) Shuffle all player's items.
If you would rather use only 1 of these events, all you have to do is set the EventIndex parameter to the corresponding index listed in the parenthesis above. While this event is made to be a landing event, it should work fine as a passing event, too.
At the bottom of the code you will find useful links and explanations for some technical things in the code.

There is an interesting interaction when you swap spaces with another player where it will trigger the effect of the space that you got warped to. So, if Peach is in an Item Space, and you swap places with Peach, you will trigger the Item Space after the Koopa Kid event is over. This isn't really a bug, it just has to do with the way the game handles the custom events and space events, so this will not get changed.

Gwa ha! Another job well done! Mr. Bowser will totally give me a raise after this!
Posted by: Airsola™ November 06, 2022

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