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Description: (Submission for Custom Board Contest #5, themed after Time)

The Clockwork Courtyard is home to cogs and gears, with towering walls and soothing waves that surround a quiet, but colorful town.

As turns progress on this board, the time of Day will transition to Night, and eventually back to Day. The gears on the floor will determine where you go, as when Night falls players will go in the opposite direction on them. Certain visitors will only appear during the Day or during the Night, and some characters may be difficult to reach during the Day. Several landmarks that players will visit include the Solar Tower or Lunar Tower where Tumble will invite the player to wish for a solstice event, and the clockwork center where Tumble will invite the player to play a game called Timing Tuner where the they will time when to stop the spinning clock hand.

Passive Board Events:

- Shifting Gears: During the Night, all gears on the floor will have their paths reversed from the direction they were going during the Day.
- Day and Night Cycle: Every 3 turns the Day will transition to Night and vice versa. While playing, the HUD will display the number of turns remaining for the current Day or Night.
- Estival Solstice Cycle: During the estival solstice event, there will be a total of 4 turns of Day with only 2 turns of Night following it. A solstice event cannot occur until it transitions back to Day.
- Hibernal Solstice Cycle: During the hibernal solstice event, there will be a total of 4 turns of Night with only 2 turns of Day following it. A solstice event cannot occur until it transitions back to Night.
- Snufit Morning Delivery: If you ordered from Snifit 'N' Ship it, a Snufit will come over to deliver your order on the first turn it becomes Day, for the eligible Days following your order. If your inventory is full, the Snufit will visit the next time it becomes the first turn of Day.
- One Way Boo: The path after Boo can only reached by going forward to Boo, meaning it is not possible to reach Boo by going in reverse through a Reverse Mushroom or Reverse Curse. This prevents players from triple dipping on Boo with a Reverse Mushroom, though, a player can still make clever use of a Reverse Mushroom at a different path to reach Boo soon after visiting them.

Visiting Board Events:

- Snifit 'N' Ship it: These Snifits will stick around in a truck during the Day and offer the player to order a package of items, either 2 Mushrooms, 2 Skeleton Keys, or 2 Warp Blocks, for 10 coins. A Snufit will come to deliver the items to the player, one at a time, the next two times it transitions to Day. If the player's inventory is full at the time the Snufit visits, the item, and any remaining items, will be delivered a Day later. A player can only order one package of items at a time, but if they visit this shop while they have an active order, they will earn bonus coins based on what items they picked (+5 coins for Skeleton Keys, +3 coins for Warp Blocks, +2 coins for Mushrooms). CPUs will always pick to order Mushrooms if they can afford it.
- Night Ride: A mysterious ghoulish driver will offer the player a lift to the end of the street during the Night for a fee of 10 coins. This will warp the player onto the path on the left side of the map that ends up leading to Boo. CPUs will always catch a ride if they can afford it. (This character is based on an unused design shown in concept art for Super Mario RPG by the enemy designer).

Happening Events:

- Turning Gear: When landing on a Happening Space found on a gear, the player and all other players on the same gear will be moved onto the red panel at the end of the path.
- Timing Tuner: When landing on a Happening Space around the clockwork center, the player will be invited to play a game where they must stop a spinning clock hand by pressing A. If they stop the clock hand over one of the 3 rewards below, they will earn that reward. During the Day the rewards are 10 coins, 5 coins, and 15 coins. During the Night the rewards are Reverse Mushroom, Skeleton Key, and Golden Mushroom (if inventory is full the rewards will instead be 5 coins, 5 coins, and 10 coins). The clock hand will decelerate after pressing A at the same rate it accelerated, the speed of the clock hand is dependent on your placement (1st is fastest, 2nd/3rd is normal, 4th is slowest). CPUs are able to play but their difficulty is not taken into account, they will press A at a random point in a range where they are likely to get a reward.
- Solstice Event: When landing on a Happening Space around the Solar Tower or Lunar Tower, the player will be asked if they wish to extend the Day or Night respectively. During the Day, they can wish for an Estival Solstice, which extends the current Day to 4 turns and shortens the following Night to 2 turns. During the Night, they can wish for a Hibernal Solstice, which extends the current Night to 4 turns and shortens the following Day to 2 turns. While a Solstice Event is active, nothing will occur when landing on this Happening.

Minor Bugs:

- Repeating Sound when Pausing
If a player pauses during an event that plays a continuous sound, such as the ticking sound that plays during the Timing Tuner, it will still play while on the Pause screen. Going deeper in the options of the Pause screen may play a sound that overrides the continuous sound, but then it won't start playing again when you return from the pause screen. This should not effect gameplay, but please keep this in mind and avoid hitting pause while a player or CPU is playing out an event.


- How do I reach Boo?
The path to Boo is only reachable from the gear right before it, meaning it either needs to be Night time or you need to be under a Reverse Mushroom/Curse to reach it. Additionally, taking the Night Ride will set you onto the path that leads to Boo (7 spaces away). Keep the time of day in mind as you have the most chances of getting to Boo the moment it transitions to Night.

- How does the Reverse Mushroom or Reverse Curse interact with the gears?
When going in Reverse, everything functions how you would expect in that you would go in the reverse direction you would have been going for that time of day. You will get a lot of options for the junctions and merges that appear, so I recommend keeping a Reverse Mushroom to be able to reach areas you normally wouldn't be able to due to the time of day.

- Why did the Day and Night Cycle HUD disappear?
The message box goes away when the scene transitions out of the board, such as for a Duel or Battle mini-game, or when a major transition happens, such as a Star going to a new location. It will show up again at the start of the next player's turn, but keep this in mind before performing any actions so you don't miss out on vital information.

- Why can I order from Snifit 'N' Ship it during the Last Turn (or when the game is about to end)?
The Wacky Watch item can always extend the game by 5 more turns if used on the last turn. Since the time of day iterates independently of the number of turns remaining, this means that there is a situation where ordering from Snifit 'N' Ship it can result in you getting the item(s) despite the game seemingly ending soon, so having it close during the last few turns wouldn't make sense.

- While under a Reverse Mushroom/Curse, why couldn't I choose which path to take immediately after visiting Boo or taking the Night Ride?
The path after Boo and the path you are dropped off at from the Night Ride are separated from the main path, which means the space they merge onto is not a traditional merge, so you will continue moving forward until the next merge or junction. As these paths are meant to be one way, it isn't possible to allow the user to choose which path to take at the merge while also preventing them from being able to reverse into the one way path. Keep this in mind before you plan to use your items.

- Why is the CPU taking so long to press A in the Timing Tuner event?
The CPU is effectively counting up to 128 from a random number between 0-127 for every frame the clock hand is angled within a specified range. If the CPU is in first, the clock hand spends much less frames within that specified range, so it takes longer to count up to the desired value. Regardless, they will eventually press A, so you won't get stuck waiting too long because of RNG.


Code repurposed from various events found on publicly available boards/events created by Airsola™, MarioComix, and Rain.
Title font modified from the Mario-Party-Hudson.font available on ffonts.

Technical Info:
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