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Description: This board is created and designed by Bri911 for Mario Party Legacy's Fifth Custom Board Contest and is his first publicly released board. The board's visuals are actually an original Mario Kart Wii custom track designed to look like a Mario Party 3 board. The Mario Kart Wii .szs file was then uploaded to NoClip, which is where the screenshots were finally taken!

The main gimmick of this board is to provide every player with access to multiple Wacky Watches, but the supply is exhaustible. Will you throw them away using Choomba? Will you buy some more so others can't get them? Will you steal Wacky Watches from others? There's a lot of things that can happen, and whoever has one has the power to control the remaining time left!
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Events (and Known Bugs):               ***It's recommended you look here!***
1.) Upon starting, each player is given 2 Wacky Watches. (Don't reverse into the start! It will cause unintended behavior!)
2.) The tent at the bottom of the map is a Wacky Watch shop, where you can buy one for 20 coins. *this is an actual
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3.) The Happening Spaces to the west side of the board either give the player a Plunder Chest or a Barter Box. *this is an actual
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4.) The Choomba slightly to the east is a passing event that incinerates all your items! Useful for getting rid of Wacky Watches, but it affects all other items, too. (The item visuals are currently bugged on the turn when it happens. To fix the visuals, simply pause and unpause the game or play a minigame. This bug does not affect gameplay.)

Recommended Settings:
  • 10 turns
  • Save Every Turn
  • Nobody plays as Mario (not too big of a deal, but Whomp only gives 10 coins to Mario every time he appears in a Final Five Turns Event).

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Posted by: Bri911 August 03, 2021

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