Mario Party 2

Magic Window (None)39282685November 11, 2021tylorlilley
Couch Game (None)1084455November 11, 2021tylorlilley
Limit Movement Rolls (None)1321650November 11, 2021tylorlilley
Disable Hidden Blocks (None)1263664November 11, 2021tylorlilley
Wiggler's Veggie Hustle (MP2) v2 (None)2221753January 14, 2022MarioComix
Kamek's Cauldron (MP2) v1.11 (None)1876720January 14, 2022MarioComix
Sushi's Secret Passageway (MP2) v1.1 (None)1626746September 26, 2021MarioComix
Pay to Warp (MP2) v1.1 (None)1927807September 26, 2021MarioComix
Warp to Opponent (MP2) v1.1 (None)1492802September 26, 2021MarioComix
Randomize Duel/Item Minigames (MP2) (None)24982081April 29, 2021MarioComix
Control Bowser (MP2) (None)1834703March 09, 2021MarioComix
Sell Star for Coins (MP2) v1.1 (None)1253491September 26, 2021MarioComix
Give Current Player Coins (MP2) (None)1311568November 25, 2020MarioComix
Multiple Item Slots (MP2) v1.41 (None)21102872January 14, 2022MarioComix
Get Item (4 Events Package) (MP2) v1.3 (None)16292239November 17, 2020MarioComix
Skeleton Key Prompt (MP2) v1.31 (None)20521091January 14, 2022MarioComix
Skeleton Key Path (MP2) v1.4 (None)22681044September 26, 2021MarioComix
Space Warp for Mario Party 2 (None)42712944September 29, 2020Spongyoshi
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