Author Topic: My Wii U is dumb, any help?  (Read 3857 times)

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My Wii U is dumb, any help?
« on: February 17, 2015 »
EDIT: It solved by...doing nothing. Just waiting. I turned it on two hours after posting this and everything was as usual.

Original post: It was 5:30pm, 3 and a half hours ago. As every day, I was watching videos on YouTube and looking all the websites I visit every day (Mario Party Legacy, some Spanish pages of Nintendo and videogames in general...) As every day (that word, again), I turn on my Wii U after lunch (3:00pm) and I leave it on, but I don't look at it or even touch it, don't ask me why.

Suddenly, at 5:30pm, I remembered I was going to play Mario Kart 8 with a school friend at that hour. I enter to Mario Kart 8, and..."error code: cannot connect to the server".
*Exits from game, turns off Wii U, turns on Wii U, enters to MK8 again, and...anything has changed, error code again. Tries to enter to the friends list, error code once more*

I can't enter to the friends list and the e-Shop, or play online any game, but Miiverse works... Is my Wii U dumb?
3 and a half hours later, online still doesn't work, and Miiverse too. I'm really worried. Please, I want, I need to play Mario Kart 8 online :'(

My Miiverse post:
Image I found on Google of the error code in English:

Btw, I finally joined the forum, as you can see. This is my first post.
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Re: My Wii U is dumb, any help?
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2015 »
This means your Wii U isn't connecting to the Internet.
It could also mean that your Wi-Fi has no usage left.

Read this in Spanish from Support Nintendo's page for that Error Code:
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