Author Topic: If you were to create a new Mario and Luigi RPG...  (Read 7748 times)

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Re: If you were to create a new Mario and Luigi RPG...
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    Far off in a place known as Rewopton, there is a treasure rumored to make abilities brought about by items last forever if the possessor wishes so. Naturally, rumors quickly spread of the Mushroom Kingdom's most notorious villains trying to steal it. The first ones are just bands of common enemies who end up nowhere but jail, but one day, both Toad and Toadette rushed to the Mario Brothers with serious news: Bowser and his troops had visited Rewopton and were already terrorizing innocent villagers, including some of her closest friends. She, the Mario Brothers, Peach, and Toad set out, hoping things weren't too late.

   While onboard the cruise, reports begin to surface of Bowser's army taking over the whole territory, so the group must stop far away from Rewopton's capital. The group talks with some townsfolk to get the facts straight. Shortly after, a large group of Hammer Bros. and Shy Guys attack! All five escape unharmed, but are forced to watch the city of Primesburg crumble. After breezing through Ominous Onlook Caverns, they fight and drive away one of the Koopa armies. In reward, the citizens of Brawn Lanes give them a magical book able to store information on enemies they meet(Think the Tattle ability) and the Sacred Fire Flower, which Mario is told only to use in the darkest of hours. They then travel through the suspiciously mysterious Worldlia Forest full of puzzles, almost as if a mystic force was pulling the strings on purpose. Toad disappears in the place, forcing Mario to use the Sacred Fire Flower so the remaining four can escape.Then there's another town and the Elepride Cliffside. When they finally arrive at the capital, they catch up to Bowser and the Koopalings and chase them into Radiant Ruins, where the Super Rewop-Up Chalice is kept. Throughout their quest in the temple, the brothers encounter the knocked-out Koopalings saying that another beast threw them all out while fighting Bowser. When they get to the second-to-final chamber, they hear roaring from Bowser himself. Bowser and another previously unencountered spirit-being known as The Protector temporarily team up to destroy the Brothers, but they fail. Victorious, Mario and Luigi approach the door.

        Once inside, they hear clapping, but no one else is there, except a floating Sacred Ice Flower near the artifact. Mario blindly jumps toward the object and attacks with his flower, only for the Ice Flower to defend. Both blasts hit the chalice and a blinding light is cast. Seven gems embedded in the chalice burst out and exploded. The impact pushed Mario back, and revealed King Boo to be the perpetrator. "My servants controlled that forest and saw you coming while I was level-grinding and stuff; then I realized, 'If the Super Mario Brothers are coming, why don't they just do it for me. Your defeating of The Protector allowed me to just float right in. Pfffth, but no, you had to mess everything up and make more work for the both of us, and by the way, you look even more dorky than before, and that says a lot! Eee hee hee... Now to fix the continent you ruined for me! Bye-bye Lou-sers!" King Boo then leaves angrily. The Brothers exchange looks and notice each other now in Penguin Suits! They then take an exit tunnel to find the setting changed from a beach into an ice land, where everyone living there has turned into actual Penguins. Only the brothers can go out into the bracing temperatures. They wander for quite some time, trying to seek an answer, until they come across a weakened Protector. He initially fights them out of fear, but Mario gives him a charred petal as a sign of trust. He agrees to help them in their quest and gives them a Magic P-Wing, which can warp them anywhere; in order to do so, they must escort him to certain sites on the continent. He restores the capital and the ruins outskirts, teaches them how to use their newfound abilities at any time, then seals himself in an Orb Form that Luigi carries around from place to place. These locales include the fire-fied Ominous Onlook Volcano, where Bowser is once again fought,(Fire Flower), sky-shot Loftlia Forest and Primesburg (Tanooki Tail), Mini/Mega Elepride Spaceside(Mini and Mega Mushrooms). The rocks grew so big, they literally shot off the planet, (all of which in no particular order) and a new area known as Unify Plains (Cat Bell).

         However, the fivesome are ambushed by King Boo, who has been "Boo-ifying" the rest of the place. By this time, The Protector is strong enough to face his new-found arch enemy. They fight intensely until King Boo threatens to use Toad as a shield for his most powerful attack as a last resort. The Protector initially doesn't care, but Mario, Peach, and Toadette physically attack him to make him stop, igniting questions of loyalty. Amid the confusion caused by his trick, King Boo tries to kidnap Luigi,  but The Protector lives up to his name, defending Luigi not once, but twice when King Boo uses a scepter he accumulated during his journey to turn Mario, Toadette, Peach, and the environment ghostlike. He quickly reverts Peach back to human form, only to take her away. Luigi tries fruitlessly to stop him, but the King scares him. Luigi then turned to The Protector and two Boos floating beside him. He screams and cowers at the sight, but soon realizes it's just Boo forms of his two friends. Boo Mario waves at his brother and asks The Protector if he may turn them back. He refuses and tells them that they are no longer allies due to the recent happenings. Luigi stops their argument by telling the trio that they were all set up by King Boo. The Protector calmly admitted that he was so caught up in his duties, that he didn't think about the others. Boo Mario and Boo Toadette also apologized, but it took more coaxing from Luigi, his only true friend at this point, to get him to change them back.

     The four set off towards where King Boo went. They finally come to a palace where the rich used to live prior to King Boo's takeover. Just outside the door, Luigi proclaimed he couldn't enter, leaving the other three to finish the quest alone, but The Protector had a solution. Before he could reveal it, a Boo horde attacked them. Mario and The Protector were able to push past those attempting to block the door and make things safe for Luigi, but Toadette couldn't get inside; she narrowly escapes capture, but she knows she can no longer help. After making their way upstairs, evading King Boo's numerous minions and traps in the process, the trio rescues Peach and Toad. Sensing more danger, Mario gives them the Magic P-Wing; they warped back to the now-normal Pridesburg. The three heroes made last-minute preparations for their final fight and thrust into King Boo's Rewopean Throne Room. He scoffed on how they could have made it so far, when he made things so hard. The Protector then became serpent-like and enveloped himself around Luigi, giving him the courage to fight, while he would occasionally pop out if he wanted to use his powers. After some time(Halfway through), Everyone on both sides began to show fatigue. King Boo tried to make the room dark, but the brothers quickly turn the lights back on. Even later(three-quarters), King Boo retries this tactic; this time with success for his "Secret Plan." After they defeat him, The Protector becomes independent of Luigi and the three rejoice. Mario removes the King's crown, which causes the being to dissolve into several small exhausted Boos. These "kings" were imposters who had doubled for King Boo for the battle's last phase(He triggered the blackout to prevent them from finding out while fighting)! Luigi cried violently, while Mario noticed a piece of folded paper inside the fake crown. He unfolded it, revealing a picture of King Boo sticking his tongue out above the word "BOO!" in all capital letters. Mario put the card in his pocket. The Protector, now holding a regenerated Rewop-up Chalice, talked with the regular Boos on becoming assistant guards in his temple, to make sure nothing like this happened again. They reluctantly agreed. He then took the scepter King Boo had left behind and restored his continent. The five Mushroom heroes reunited in the capital and celebrated peace once again. The Protector had even learned to loosen up and forgive Mario, Peach, and Toadette, as he shook all of their hands, Many people gave him gifts and goodbyes before he left. They all had an excellent time.
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