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Favorite MPL Moment
« on: January 14, 2012 »
We're four years down the track woo! :D

Let's share some fave moments of ours shall we?

Being a veteran of this ol' site/forum here I've got a lot to draw from. It's difficult to pick a specific fave moment but here goes nothing:
> Lent 2008 was hilarious. VIP, yoshi_7 and myself on a hyper posting spree since we didn't know what was happening certainly gave the forum some bouyancy (I hope :p) even though we lost half our posts after that mess. :p
> Promotion to GMod in April 2008. A bit odd in retrospect that I didn't get a mod place first (I think :L) but then again that first vote was chaotic. (Not discussing this further)
> 2009 was a bit sluggish except for GS and BW. :p
> 2010 was when we had the vital boost to activity. My fave moment from that year would be... hoo boy this is tough to answer. Late 2010 rocked (Secret Santa, MPI/MPFS, Clubs) and I got to resolve some prejudices I think I had towards Staryu or sth. Also VGL
> 2011... mystery year. January was a bit rough arguing with Aegis and all, we got the MPF crew lingering until August >.> Things last year sorta went up and down but I can defs say that AA was a good revival. ;)

Those are my fave moments/memories. You guys? ;P

Marth is not amused.

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Re: Favorite MPL Moment
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2012 »
Lent 2008 was definitely hilarious. It's all because we were worried about the site/forum purging because SZ left out of nowhere. Spring 2008 was pretty bad, too, but let's not go further than that. Overall, it was a rough year, and that hack.

2009 was better, with Glacier Summer and H-J and I being promoted to Admin in October 2009. That didn't last long for me though.

2010 was a little shaky, friends of Aegis terrorize the forum; me de-admining in July 2010 because I wasn't exactly cut enough to be one yet; the VGL boards were good, though having a series of a particular franchise was not a good idea and not what SZ wanted in the first place. Late 2010 got better, though. MPI and MPFS were a lot of fun.

2011 was very good for the first half. A lot of activity because the MPF members could only find residence here due to other members being here as well. The second half was weak with activity thanks to the revival of MPF.

Let's bring 2012 great year! Things will be so much different now, I hope.

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Re: Favorite MPL Moment
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2012 »
For 2010, it'd be when I joined and met you guys :D

For 2011, I guess my favorite moment would be when Cook streamed MP6 E.Gadd's Garage. Or anytime he streams a game I like :p Also being the MPI/MPFS Hideout was pretty fun as well :D

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Re: Favorite MPL Moment
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2012 »
2010 was a mix year for me.
March-June was probably the most fun I've had on a forum, May was the best month in MPL history imo.
July was alright, switching from SMPSFII to MPL, it was a good change and such.
Aug-Oct was the worse ever imo lol So much drama, I mean too much. One good thing though, MPI is created.
Nov-Dec were very good months, and some of the most active on the forum, also MPFS started. (Also Team Love/Love and Beauty started! :D)
Overall: May 2010 definitely, that will always be my favorite moment :D

2011 was a good year, however, the activity lessening later in the year made it sort of boring. The year was fine, July hit and MPL hit a massive slump that even I'll admit, I didn't want to be on for a while. MPI/MPFS died and we had to move on... so yeah, 2011, not my favorite year. But new hope did start at the end of 2011 with a new theme/MP9 news/AA, so not all bad.

Overall, May 2010 where me and the rest of the people became MODs and were working together; that was my favorite moment.