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Description: Hello, PLAYER. How'd ya like to invite ev'ryone to a hootenanny?

This code is designed to replicate the Hootenanny event from Mario Party 2... and more!

If the WhichHootenanny parameter is set to 0 it's going to offer the Vanilla Hootenanny, if it's 1, it offers the EX version, and if it's set to 2, the player will be able to select between both Vanilla and EX. Here's how each Hootenanny works:
  • Vanilla Hootenanny: Warps all other players to the space before the Hootenanny event.
  • Hootenanny EX: Warps all other players to the space with the Hootenanny event, poisons them, and extends your remaining roll by 3.

If you're only allowing the use of 1 of the Hootenannys, then Price1 is the parameter for how much it would cost. In this case, set Price2 to the same as Price1.
If you're allowing the player to select between both of them, then Price1 is the price of Vanilla, and Price2 is the price of EX. (PRICE2 SHOULD NEVER BE LOWER!)
The recommended prices are 20 coins for Vanilla (like the original) and 30 coins for EX.

BeforeHootenanny is the Space before the event's location.
AfterHootenanny is the Space after the event's location.
BeforeHootenanny2x is the Space before BeforeHootenanny.
Please reference the screenshots above if you have doubts whether you set it up correctly or not.

This event is made as a passing event, and is not expected to work as a landing event.
Posted by: Airsola™ November 08, 2022

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