Kamek's Cauldron (MP2) v1.11

Kamek's Cauldron (MP2) v1.1.s

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Description: This event is designed to force the player to trade an item for coins. The coins given for each item are determined by the Item Price Table in the event code and can be freely adjusted. During the event, the player will face the space designated by the parameter "SpaceToFace". If the player does not have an item, nothing happens.

The event will also check the Multiple Item Slots Flag in board RAM and, if turned ON, will check the player's reserve item slots for items. When this occurs, the player will be given a prompt to choose which item to trade. For CPU players, the cursor will not appear during the prompt as it allows for the event to accommodate custom AI logic to choose an item.

This event should be Everdrive-compatible. If there are any issues, please feel free to let me know!

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Posted by: MarioComix January 14, 2022

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