Warp to Opponent (MP2) v1.1

Warp to Opponent (MP2) v1.1.s

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Description: This event is designed to allow the player to warp to any opponent's space. During the event, a prompt will appear and allow the player to select an opponent. After the screen fades out, the player will be warped and they will play their happy animation. Before the warp, the player will face the space designated by the parameter "SpaceToFace". Note that if this event is set as a landing event, after the warp, depending on the space type, the space's effect may be activated also.

When CPUs activate the event, the cursor will not appear during the prompt. This is intentional as it allows for the event to run logic to control who the CPUs pick; they will select approximately randomly from the three opponents.

This event should be Everdrive-compatible. If there are any issues, please feel free to let me know!

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Posted by: MarioComix September 26, 2021

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