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Description: This event is designed to allow the player with a Bowser Bomb to control Bowser at the end of the turn. Notably, they will be able to press A to start Bowser's turn, to roll his dice blocks, and to select his path at junctions. Any message boxes will be controllable by all human players as usual.

The event should be set "Before turn". It works by inserting a hook into the game's memory that detours into custom code and sets Bowser to be controlled by the player who has a Bowser Bomb. When the custom code is finished running, it restores the original code.

Special thanks go to Rain for his MP2 documentation and to TLK777 for identifying that Bowser initiates events just like a normal player, allowing me to find a way to control Bowser!

If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to let me know!
Posted by: MarioComix March 09, 2021

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