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Description: Welcome to the enchanted forest of Wooded Land! According to Koopa, Wizard Bowser and his goons are chopping down the enchanted trees to absorb their magic! With the power of Super Stardom, let's defeat Bowser!

This board was originally created during the October 2020 PartyPlanner64 Game Jam! It has since been updated to include new and polished-up events and animated background art! Think of the animated background as the "magic" coursing through the forest.

The main gimmick is the axe mechanic. Players can hold up to 3 axes at a time and can use them to chop through the fallen logs that are blocking certain paths. These paths are essential to reach Boo and other beneficial events, including Chance Time! Players can receive more axes from the Happening Spaces throughout the board (next to the tree stump) or by buying them from Baby Bowser's Axe Tent. 1 axe costs 5 coins, 2 axes cost 15 coins, and 3 axes cost 30 coins. Quite the miser, isn't he?

Another event is Kamek's Cauldron. Land on a Happening Space and, if the player has an item, they will toss it into Kamek's brew and receive double its worth in coins! The final event is Wiggler's Veggie Hustle. Landing here allows you to spam A or B to earn coins! You'll earn roughly 1.5 coins per button press.

This board actually has two Item Shops, which were coded from scratch to emulate the in-game shops. Notably, when the CPU reaches a shop, if they select "yes" they will immediately purchase an item according to what they can afford, without browsing; this is to accommodate AI logic to make decisions. On a related note, other events with a prompt will not have the cursor appear when the CPUs make their decision; again, this is intentional to accommodate AI logic.

On a final note, I'd like to touch on some of the customization and quality of life options available:

Rules of the Board: This event explains some of the board mechanics on the 1st turn. If all players are veterans, the parameter "ActivateRules" can be set to "false" (don't fret if you forget, though, you can just spam A to get through it anyway).

Multiple Item Slots: This allows the use of two reserve item slots to hold extra items. Which item slot you'll use for your turn will be selected at the start of your turn. This feature can be turned off by setting the parameter "MultipleItems" to "false" on the "Setup Item Slots" event. If you have this on, certain events will accommodate these extra item slots, as detailed below.

Randomized Duel/Item Minigames: The Duel/Item Minigame Randomizer events are currently setup so that Duel and Item Minigames are randomized at the start of each player's turn, with Horror Land's minigames appearing at a higher frequency. If you'd like to fix the minigame to a specific one, change the value of the "Selector" parameter accordingly (from 1-6).

Skeleton Key Prompt: This event activates at the start of your turn and lets you throw away your Skeleton Key!

Control Bowser: This event allows the player who received the Bowser Bomb to control Bowser during his turn. This includes pressing A to start his turn, rolling his dice, and selecting junctions. Note: Bowser cannot get past fallen logs, making those paths relatively safe from him. If he tries to go towards a log, he will be booted to the other path.

All in all, I hope you enjoy playing this board! It should be Everdrive-compatible. Special thanks go to Rain for his "GetRand" function and to Airsola for her "GetTurnTierWithPlacement" function as well as both of their documentations on MP2. If you find any issues, do not hesitate to let me know! Many thanks!

Multiple Item Slots Changes:
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Posted by: MarioComix December 23, 2022

Rating: **** by 1 members.
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