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Description: This Ticking Clock is ready to Tock!

This is my first MP2 board so I hope you like it! I drew the whole thing myself (digitally) and I really like how it turned out. Anyways........

This Board uses the "Item Slots" codes to basically give each player 3 item slots. Also, there's a big clock in the middle, which is the main area of the board. Every odd number's happening space gives the current player an item while even ones have a countdown attached to them. Whoever lands on one of those happening spaces for the 3rd time get blown back to start (Thank you to "Rain" from the MPL discord for making that event). Here are the rest of the events:

"Sea of Time" Happenings:
Location - Left of Map

1. Get Item (Coins if Full): This event gives the current player an item. If they already have one, they get coins instead.
2. Wash Away: Get Washed away to a different space.

"Clockwork Rink" Happenings
Location - Top Right of Map

Custom Item Shop (Thanks to justin (MarioComix) #mipsgang from the MPL discord for making this event): Basically a Custom Item Shop, with custom prices for items.

"Midnight Stroke Square" Happenings
Location - Bottom Right of Map

Kamek's Cauldron: In this event, you have tho choice to give kamek your current item for him to double its amount (in coins) and give it back (in coins). There is a chance for it to backfire, though.

In the middle of the clock there is a path that lets you fast travel to any number of it. The CPUs will always leave at 6:00, so keep that in mind. Of course, human players get to choose the number they want to exit on.

2 Skeleton Gates (Marked by the Star/Ztar patterns)
1 Item Shop (5 if you count the Clockwork Rink Happenings)
1 Boo
2 Banks
Music: Bowser Parade
46 Blue Spaces
12 Red Spaces
7 Item Spaces
3 Battle Spaces
6 Chance Spaces
25 Happening Spaces
4 Bowser Spaces
8 Star Spaces (One is on the "3" Happening Space on the clock)

This Board has not crashed in any of the time I play-tested it, but please let me know if it does for you. I hope you enjoy this board!

v1.1 - Before, the "Kamek's Cauldron" event wouldn't actually give coins. Now it does.
Posted by: YoshiYay! January 17, 2021

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