Mario Party 2 Custom Boards

Housewarming (None)1166387November 11, 2021tylorlilley
UwU Land (None)1319424April 19, 2021YoshiYay!
Time Land v1.1 (None)1372544January 17, 2021YoshiYay!
Wooded Land (Game Jam 2020) (None)1501565October 31, 2020MarioComix
Damp Jungle (None)15611859November 24, 2017Mantle Zone
JMGO Sands (None)16871456July 23, 2018JMGO
MK64 Yoshi Valley (None)17481439January 30, 2018LuigiDeathStare110
Warrior Cats (Warriors) V1.0 (None)17642198June 30, 2017Poisonclaw64
Bob-omb's Spaceship (None)1764817December 11, 2021Kenkoshinkuma
Frostbite Ruins [1.0] (None)17801411November 26, 2017IngoH
JMGO Stadium (None)17871269August 05, 2018JMGO
8-Bit Forest (None)18461121October 16, 2018JMGO
Sweet Banquet (None)19131863November 20, 2017Mantle Zone
Eventide Island (None)19321963July 08, 2017PartyPlanner64
Petropolis [Block Party] (None)19861394October 09, 2018Spongyoshi
Adventure Land (None)19921901November 01, 2017CraftedPbody
Christmas Outpost (None)20132000November 26, 2017Mantle Zone
Night Cavern (None)20301315December 31, 2018JMGO
Summer's Lake (None)21272556June 30, 2017Poisonclaw64
Element of Kindness (None)21303137October 02, 2017Raygar200
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