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Special Minigames
« on: April 06, 2013 »
This is all just to explain what the whole concept of the "special minigames" are and what they do.

"Special Minigames" are any kind of regular minigame (4-player, 1vs3, or 2vs2) in which have different rewards depending on where you place.
They occur either around every 5 turns (excluding the time when it's the final 5 turns), or can be brought up from the Minigame Space.
The minigames for this mode are always chosen by the player in last (or the player who started the minigame if from a Minigame Space) out of 3-5 choices.

Before starting, you'll be shown what the prize for this game for each individual place.
Below are a list of prizes and events that can be awarded for each game. Only 1 option will be chosen for either of the lists most of the time, however, sometimes 1 option from each list will be chosen instead to make things interesting.

#1 - Prizes
  • Extra Coins (Winnings and bonuses are worth more - either double or tripled the usual amount)
  • Items (Items are awarded instead of coins)
  • Stars (The prize for the game is a Star)

#2 - Places
  • Reverse Play (Last place gets the prize)
  • Prize Split (Prizes are awarded depending on your place, 1st getting a greater prize, 2nd getting the normal prize, 3rd getting a lesser prize, and 4th possibly getting a dud prize)