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« on: April 06, 2013 »
Battle/Tag Spaces
:blue: (Blue Space) - +3 coins

:red: (Red Space) - -3 coins

:green: (Happening Space) - Will cause a random event based on the location

:chance: (Happening Space) - Will cause a random event based on the location. Can use while passing, though (Ends turn when doing so).

:bowser: (Bowser Space) - Start a random Bowser Event

:bowser: with a purple boarder (Bowser's Location Space) - Same as the Bowser Space, although it's location shows where Bowser currently stands. Surrounding :blue: will also turn into :red:.

Coloured spaces with an orange boarder (Character Spaces) - Traps set by players. The kind of trap is determined by the orb thrown (Colour shows which player/team owns it). Landing on one you own earns you 5 coins.

Blue space with a star in it (Minigame Space) - Starts up either a Single Player, Chance Time, Duel, Battle, or Special Minigame at random.

Blue space with a star in it and a yellow boarder (Minigame Space) - Same as the space above, but just note that this is a space where the star space can end off on

:star: (Star Space) - Doesn't count as a space - General space where you can obtain stars from. Usually you can only get 1 for 20 coins, but different maps have their own variations of what happens here.

Toad (Item Space) - Receive a chest from a choice of 2 (Opens automatically - you get what ever is inside)

:lucky: (Lucky Space) - Play a Lucky Mini-game (MP9 Captain events, basically)

Green space with up arrow (Dash Space) - Take another turn, complete with being able to use another item as well.

Duel Spaces
All hidden for now