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MPL Friendships Topic
« on: January 14, 2012 »
Whoa whoa HJ what are you doing, you might ask? idk XD but I guess it's always good to make a topic about friendships from MPL ;P

For me, some of the strong friendships I have are with the following members, not in any order. Always good to chat with them here, on AIM/Skype, and just mess around I guess:
SZ - where would we be today without good ol' SZ :p Thank for everything so far, and let's head to the future with the hopes of stars! In seriousness, you're always there as tech support whenever I need some guidance with how not to send the forum into Template parse Errors too frequently :p
Staryu - good friend over a (not so casual) match of MK7, or MPI discussion, or just chatting and (not really) getting ghetto. Not sure what my first impression was of you tbh :p but things have smoothed now and we're all square. Go ahead and cut me whenever you feel up to it. Just gentle with the rake. Please. @n@
Ryou - I still remember the days you were called Dejb1234 XD You're a swell buddy on RPU and make sure to set more bombs in the future >;] Grats on the recent promotion too :b
Berry - We've had rough arguments (jokey and serious) on AIM, but you are still my Princess Berry <3 Do hop on more please~
Kinetic - Keep drawing Kineti-chan, you inspire me so~ You make great conversation and I do hope you can break through your fears C;
Dark Boo - Love the voice, love the attitude, love the MPFS. Another hearty old buddy that I appreciate knowing =D
Yoshi8984 - You keep the status quo in AIM chat and your cheerful attitude always pleases me XD Keep up your studies and attempts to persuade your siblings to stay on the PC XD
VIP - Well, I have to include one of the oldest buddies don't I? :p We might be having friction now, but I'm sure you can patch things back to the glory days ;p

Honorable mentions:
Cook - You don't fail. You're not a Boats. But hell you are phykick. Keep on rollin' buddy B]
Davis - for encouraging me to join Tumblr, also a great art ?critic to help me improve my drawings. Thanks dahln' |D
Kyle - Elusive, plotting, good-intentioned. You are truly an enigma. Lest you change, I cherish your acquaintance with me.
PPS - You're really suave on AIM, and I can't believe I thought Troisieme was 13th XD. Hope to see you more often :p
Mort - :/ >:? :| No matter what emote you use, behind the exterior lies a companion with many topics to discuss. I hope we can chat more over MPDX and MK7 XD
Topper - An old buddy. Loved your Topper1 Art and love the MPD. I need to talk to you on MSN more I guess XD
Uriel - Lazy or not you're still the aloof Mexican samurai XD Respond to me on FB some time XD

Also, I'm sure there are more of you, I just need to jog my memory XD

Marth is not amused.

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Re: MPL Friendships Topic
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2012 »
I'm glad I please you. And thanks for the compliment :D And I'll try to persuade my siblings XD

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Re: MPL Friendships Topic
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2012 »
Thanks HJ and don't worry there will be more bombs  O0 Oh the days of Dejb...