Author Topic: Trying to make Magikoopa/Kamek playable in MP 8  (Read 2880 times)

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First of all, hello Mario Party Legacy forum! Today, i wanted to ask you for help regarding me trying to add Magikoopa/Kamek as a playable character to Mario Party 8, replacing Hammer Bros. Now to the general issues:

Which file contains Magikoopas model?

Which file contains the model from Moped Mayhem?

Where are the players models from Moped Mayhem stored?

What does a character .bin file contain and how could i overwrite it with a Magikoopa model file?

Do i need to open the .bin files and how? 

How can i change voice/icons/text and give the character good animations (maybe)?

That's some questions! I would love to see pros to assist me, would be very kind! Thank you and see ya! 
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