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Title: The Grammys
Post by: Nix on February 09, 2015
So the Grammys were on recently (to many time zones to specify). Did anyone here watch it? What did you think of the winners and performances.

It was on during school for me so I didn't watch it but the thing I'm most disappointed about is Happy winning music video of the year over Chandelier. I seriously do not know how that happened. I'm happy that Sam Smith won a whole bunch, maybe a little annoyed he won too much but I love his music.
Title: Re: The Grammys
Post by: MattC on February 09, 2015
Title: Re: The Grammys
Post by: Colyton on February 09, 2015
Half way through the show, I just stopped watching for various reasons. First, it was time for me to go sleep as I had school the day after (aka today). Second, I had seen the performance I wanted to see. Third and finally, I was more bored than actually entertained and watching the rest would just be stupid for me as it would bore me more.