Thwomp Toll v1.1 (AirsolaEvents)

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Description: IMPORTANT: In order for this event to work, it must be set up as it is on the third image, with a blank space before and after the junction that leads to the Thwomp. Those blank spaces are for the 2 Decline parameters. DeclineDestination goes on the blank space after the junction, and DeclineInReverse goes on the blank space before the junction. (Make sure you set up the StartingToll, too!)

Have you ever wanted to have a Thwomp Toll junction on Mario Party 3 like the ones on Pirate Land or Yoshi's Tropical Island? Well, here you have it.

This code is designed to create a fully-functional Thwomp Toll junction on any Custom Mario Party 3 board. It works exactly the same as it would on past games, where in order to pass, the player must pay the Thwomp whatever the last player paid + 1 additional coin at minimum.

This event also allows you to set up what the starting toll will be using the StartingToll parameter.
The other 2 parameters are for setting where the player will move to if they don't have enough coins or if they decline the Thwomp's offer.

Developer notes:
  • The code isn't necessarily well documented and it has a lot of hardcoded calls, but that's because there's not really much needed to optimize this code further. Also, I have no intention of bringing this to MP1/MP2 so the hardcoded calls are OK.

Ver 1.1 changes:
  • Fixed bit-alignment issue that is thought to be cause of inconsistencies in the previous code.

Posted by: Airsola™ January 13, 2020

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