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Description: Hello this is my first board in my life, so I will describe it so so so detailed!  :-D
First, as in the first picture, you can see that this map has three red pipes, one green pipe, and one green and red pipe.
If we divide these pipes into A,B,C,D,E pipes, like in the second picture, we can find that all the ? spaces events are directed to D pipe. The D pipe can send you to the A or E pipe. The A pipe leads to the unlucky path, while the E pipe has many stars. It's a pretty crazy, risky game of earning stars. The B pipe is connected to the C pipe.
However, if you don't have any coins, you can take a chance to get into the A pipe, maybe after the sudden Chance Time makes you revenge, Boo can completely turn the tide of the battle! Of course the last "speak" is Bowser.
In addition, the panel of the character who stepped on the ? space will become colorless, which may lead to a "No Game" situation like the third picture. Don't worry too much, because trying to avoid Bowser visiting players like in Figure 4 is king!
In short, this map is simple in structure, but may destroy friendship. I hope you all have fun! ! !  :-D
Posted by: BillionYoshi April 05, 2022

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