FBowser's Freezerburnt Fjord

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Description: Hey kid! Yeah you! Gotchyer attention huh? Good!
Come see Mighty Bowser's Icy Base otherwise known as FBowser's Freezerburnt Fjord!
...What? The name? Typo's happen all the time, even lord Bowser says so and he can't be wrong!
If you got a problem take it up with him! Little arguments like that'll cost ya a star!
Chilly's are there too, if the winds are bad and they'll take care of ya. Bowser aint all bad! If he catches ya out on the lava he'll even out the coins!
Well I guess that would be bad if you were a winner, but if you are a winner and got that much money from loans or something come down to my shop!
Great deals! Better than that dork toad at least that's for sure! Just don't take the pipes or you'll miss me!
So yeah... FBowser's Freezerburnt Fjord don't forget it!
Posted by: White Orbison January 13, 2022

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