Mario Party 3 Custom Boards

Big Boo's Black Hole Boardwalk v1.1 (None)841535November 12, 2022EndlessBeat
Ghastly Graveyard (Airsola™) (None)1085572November 04, 2022Airsola™
Cloud Getaway v1.1 (None)1100771October 26, 2022JustSomeRandomGamer
Eels and Escalators (None)411138October 06, 2022Typhloquil
DK's Jungle Adventure (None)1147818October 17, 2022Typhloquil
Loserville (None)813552September 30, 2022EndlessBeat
Tumble's Playroom v1 (None)1185701August 28, 2022JustSomeRandomGamer
Rooftop Party (None)1079978August 26, 2022STSE
Bowser's Giga Blast! (None)14751359August 16, 2022Mimicry_Xrd
Klub Koopa V1.0 (None)19811551August 06, 2022Yoshiman222
Luigi's Mansion Mayhem (None)424156August 03, 2022ChrisWard25
Galactic Garden v1.0 (None)635299July 13, 2022YoshiYay!
Error_BoardNotFound [V1] (None)488199June 28, 2022BFDIU Official
Daisy's Mexican Cafe (V1) (None)612281May 30, 2022BFDIU Official
Super Yoshiyay Party (Part Two) (None)17603662May 27, 2022YoshiYay!
Super Yoshiyay Party (Part One) (None)6481149May 27, 2022YoshiYay!
MS Paint Park (None)926335April 09, 2022Typhloquil
Dessert Land v1 (None)982412March 07, 2022JustSomeRandomGamer
Blockapalooza (None)1188693February 09, 2022EndlessBeat
Isle Escapade (None)703333February 01, 2022EndlessBeat
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