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Activities Central / *NEW 2018* Mario Party: Elimination
« Last post by PartyStar on August 06, 2018 »
Mario Party: Elimination
How to play:  It�s an all-out party, and it�s very simple! Really, all you need to do is show up and make sure you aren�t eliminated!
 -When everyone, or most everyone shows up I will start a �minigame.� Just follow the minigame rules and beat everyone else too win! Simple right?
 - The winner of the minigame recieves immunity, which basically means they are safe from elimination. The winner will choose two people he or she would like to get out of the game. Once the two are announced, another minigame will start.These will be called Safe Minigames.
- The players that participate in these safe minigames will be the two that have been voted for elimination, the winner of the first minigame, and two randomly selected players. If you win this minigame you will have the power to save one of the two players that have been put up for nomination, replacing them with someone else of your choosing.
-After this all is complete all the players will vote on which of the two players they want to leave. The player that is chosen will then be eliminated!
-When there are just two people left standing, all the participants of the game will be able to vote for who they think should win. (Please vote on the character you think played the best please) The player with most votes will win...
Mario Party: Elimination!

Minigames will be explained when I reveal them.
If you've signed up last time, please do so again because of a lot of people have become inactive.
1.  Mariokirby101 Hammer Bro  :hammerbro:
2.  YoshiGamer16 Yoshi:yoshi:

If not enough sign up, I will shorten the list. Please pick a character! (Any character you want) EDIT: Except Peach, who will be hosting this at her castle. :3
  :mario: :luigi: :yoshi: :wario: :daisy: :waluigi: :toad: :boo: :koopakid: :toadette: :birdo: :drybones: :blooper: :hammerbro: :koopa: :shyguy: :magikoopa: :donkeykong: :diddykong: :rosalina:

Keep in mind that this is a role-playing game and you will be acting as you are that character, ok? So pick one of your favorites! (Can be someone not on this list, just in the mario series in general.)
Note: Can people tell me their time zones so I can find a good time to do this with the most available people?
If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask!
Decided to make a new one considering how old the other one is, thought if it was newer it might spark interest.
Intro Board / Re: Hello!
« Last post by SpiderStaryu on August 01, 2018 »
Welcome, BlazingRoy! I highly suggest you join our Discord, you're much more likely to find someone on there to talk to about Mario Party and anything else. :)
Mario Party: Star Rush / Re: Favorite minigame?
« Last post by Spongyoshi on July 31, 2018 »
Good taste! So glad that Kirby 64 minigame got into Mario Party, it looked fun!  :P
We would like to ask for more information about what you are talking about.
Mario Party / Re: Classic Boards? Mario Party 1
« Last post by Wisaito on July 30, 2018 »
It is what we need so much for your information, and if you have more information, it is very good.
Intro Board / Re: Hello!
« Last post by PartyStar on July 30, 2018 »
Well hello there! I'm glad you decided to join!  ^-^

I don't have much room to talk because Ive been inactive for quite some time, but I hope you stay strong with this and enjoy your stay here! If you have any questions I may be able to help. (Or I might not haha, let's just see what happens XD)
Mario Party: Star Rush / Re: Favorite minigame?
« Last post by PartyStar on July 30, 2018 »
All time favorites would have to be Jump to Conclusion, Haunted Hallways, and Parkour War!
Activities Central / Re: Mario Party: Elimination
« Last post by PartyStar on July 30, 2018 »
Ok this is still going to be going on actually because I've decided I want to be a little more active on here haha. This Mario Party Elimination is going to be very similar to how Big Brother plays out in most aspects. I'll be editing the first post on here explaining the rules and slightly changing it so stay tuned!

And yes I realize since its been so long that many people won't even be on anymore. So please if you would like to secure your spot, then just post on this thread so I know you're still active. :D
Intro Board / Hello!
« Last post by BlazingRoy on July 27, 2018 »
Hi there,

I'm really into mario party games and am looking forward to posting boards and talking to people :)
Mario Party: Star Rush / Re: Why did they remove Boo?
« Last post by Spongyoshi on July 27, 2018 »
Same!! I love that new roster! ;D (Even if I'd love Toad & Toadette but oh well...)
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