La Koopastille

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Note: You MUST disable all bonus dice blocks in the bank or else the board (namely the custom items) will not properly work. Happening Star was also changed to an Item Star.
Learn the French Revolution history with the Mushroom Kingdom citizens! The board evolves with TIME and also is a documentary-style board!
- First 5 turns (First 10 on a 50 turns game) takes place in easter during the creation of the Koopastille, only the outside courtyard is accessible as a result. Land on a blue space for a chance of getting 1 to 6 coins from an egg of an easter bell.
- Middlegame has the whole board opened with shops all around. The Koopastille became an impromptu jail so do not land on red spaces or you'll have a chance of being sent to jail by the king and you'll have to wait until you can pay 10 coins to get out or wait for another player to take your place.
- Last 10 turns (Last 5 on a 20 turns game) blocks the star spots. It is the start of the Revolution and every shop sells torches for 10 coins. Buy one to add 3 to your roll and steal a star to any opponent you cross during that current turn. You'll also be redirected to the inside if you're outside before the last turns.
- Happening spaces are transport cannons, pay 10 coins on the first turns for being randomly shot to another happening space. During the middlegame, you're transported to the closest happening space below/above. In the last turns, you're shot at the blue space right after the cell and loose 10 coins.
- Shops:
Mushroom with a question mark: Pay 5 coins for a random mushroom.
Dollar sign: Pay for the item of your choice (Dash Mushroom forces you to roll 4-7 when used, Poison Mushroom forces you to roll 1-3 when used, Golden Mushroom forces you to roll 8-10 when used)
Two Players with Arrows: Pay 10 coins to swap places with a randomly-choosen opponent.
Black & White: Pay 10 coins to send the player of your choice to jail (the black & white box) Send yourself as a shortcut to start.
Boo Icon: Steal coins for free, an item for 10 coins or a star for 50 coins from the opponent of your choice
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