Luigi's Clock Madness

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Description: This is a new map based on Clocks and Luigi. Since the Board Contest  has a theme of Time and there's not a lot of love for Mario Party 1, I decided to try and create a Board in a week for the contest.


Luigi's Clock Madness is highly inspired by the level Tick Tock Clock, where platforming up the clock was hard and falling was always constant, I decided to get the movement speed of falling (since you go to top to bottom in a matter of seconds) and decided to make a board about movement and constant warping to multiple spaces across the board!

This board contains 95 solid spaces, which includes:
52 Blue Spaces
6 Red Spaces
17 Happening Spaces
1* Chance Time Space (it can be as high as 7)
5 Minigame Spaces
8 Mushroom Spaces
6 Bowser Spaces
7 Star Locations
2 Boos
1 Bowser

About the Happening:
In this board, there are 4 happening events. Those are:
Pay to Warp (3) (10 coins)  - Those happenings warp you close to either 2 boos/2 stars spaces, or the start of the level.
Warp (5) - Those happenings are set to drop you close to any of the star spaces, but the warp order is random!
Warp Opponent Here  (8) - Those happenings make an opponent warp to your space. Be careful, those happenings are usually close to a star space!
Secret (1) - There's a secret happening around the board. Think you can find it?

Gimmick of this board:

With so much warp around it, the main objective of this board is to know about the happening spaces and take advantage about it. Choose to warp if you're too far from the star or want to visit Boo. Be lucky and be dragged to an active star space by your opponent! Use the Boos if the situation needs, and try to have as much money for the right opportunity to arrive!

About Chance Time:
I honestly don't know why the star spaces are turning to chance time, but I guess it comes with the chaos of this board? Either way, they are there, so might as well use it to your advantage.

Posted by: ACrush14 August 04, 2021

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