Author Topic: TBS Activity Game 3 - The Shattered Legacy vs Zympherior  (Read 13208 times)

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(Pls nerf Dragon)
It'll lose a fair chunk of health in the adjustments but Yoshiman still wants it to be the OP high cost unit
Good. 14 HP + Dragon Scales is already a huge pain, unless you know what you're doing. (Which I honestly do not)
At least give it 10 HP (still keeping Dragon Scales) and I'm good. Still strong but at least a little bit more fair.
There is a unit who when Blades boosted can deal 6 damage to a Dragon
Actually we were settling on 10HP :p
Except for... that "boosted" part is from a unit that wasn't included into the game yet. :P
Right now the max they can do is 3 to the dragon, but then again, that's more than most units.

Also yes 14 is too much HP for the dragon it's getting nerfed to 10 for that lol.

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Rip I somehow assumed the unit is was thinking of didn't lose power for its skill whoops

Marth is not amused.