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Title: So I played Paper Mario Pro Mode for an hour...
Post by: KillerAwesome on December 09, 2017
After finally getting it working, I decided to try out Paper Mario Pro Mode. The game itself is still as fun as the original, probably better! Let me explain. The game has you take double damage from every enemy (e.g. a Goomba gives you 1 damage in original, 2 in Pro Mode), which makes the game pretty difficult at times! However, the fun part comes within the difficulty. To put it simply, this game will test your limits, but that's what I think makes it fun. The difficulty makes Paper Mario a much harder game (which lets be honest, the original is easy), but it makes every enemy you encounter fresh and exciting. With this difficulty, also comes with some unfair parts. This was the point where I stopped. The first unfair part has to be the Magikoopa battle at the end of the prologue. Magikoopa does 6 damage (without dodging of course), which already can put a stop in your tracks if you have the base amount of health. Not to mention, dodging Magikoopa's attacks can be very difficult. Overall, I still enjoyed the hour that I played with it, but I recommend that you have completed Paper Mario at least 2-3 times before diving in with this one.
Title: Re: So I played Paper Mario Pro Mode for an hour...
Post by: Timmy on December 10, 2017
I've recently started it too, tho I need to get used to the Guard/Jump timing (since I started with TTYD + the timing to Guard seems stricter in 64).

Calculated damage also decreases by double, i.e. Damage Dodge + Defend Plus will also lower Attack by 2 each (and assuming you Guard well). Feeling Fine will also be a savior due to status effects being more punishing (Paralysis can now happen to Mario from Lantern Ghost, Poison does 3 damage a turn now, and some enemies either start with something like the transparent status or Jr. Troopa can Dizzy Dial you immediately after returning from Chapter 5).

I'm still not very far, I need to grind out the Guard timings + actually make it to Koopa Village (please have Chill Out cause the Hammer Bro rapid firing by the tree with the bridge switch is no fun... You can trigger the switch but have a hammer floating over your head and get First Struck due to the cutscene killing your movement and GG). I would have to figure out how to bypass Huff n' Puff tho... Considering Charge and Power Bounce/Multibonk have been nerfed (Charge can only stack up to 3 times max, Multibonk and Power Bounce now follow a different formula and even some Star Spirits have changed). However, some badges have been changed (Quick Change 2 BP? Yo let's go lol) and even some new ones (Lucky Stars is a 1 BP badge that increases the odds of Merlee's Magic coming into play).

I've been currently following Skawo's playthrough of Pro Mode, I do like it.

I love both 64 and TTYD, but 64 is more difficult solely due to the fact you can't Super Guard (thus you'll almost always be forced to take damage) and requires more strategy due to limited resources. TTYD's Super Guard on the other hand rewards the player for being able to Super Guard (which is a 3 frame window) and allows low-HP runs to work (and I played that thing on Hard Mode just recently, where enemies + bosses have more HP, I just have Bonetail left at this point). Imagine Shadow Queen with 600 HP and Cortez with 75 HP per phase (so him eating the audience is actually more meaningful) :P
Title: Re: So I played Paper Mario Pro Mode for an hour...
Post by: KillerAwesome on December 12, 2017
After grinding a little bit (okay it was more like a lot) I eventually beat chapter 1! The Hammer Bro is still no fun since it can one-shot you with 20 health... but I gotta get the Intermission finished and such. Guarding certainly does help and I also got exposed to the Chuck Quizmo questions (which if you have the time, patience, and if you really want to save state, it is very useful) in which some of them are changed! I still find the game fun, but I still have 20+ hours to go!