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Custom Wii Virtual Console Channels
« on: August 22, 2015 »
Here is a guide on how to make a custom Virtual Console channel on the Nintendo Wii. I just thought I'd share it with you all since it seemed pretty cool. Since I didn't write this guide, credit to Luigi_Fan from Mario Modding Mansion for making the guide. (And yes, I got into contact with him and he said it was okay to post it here.)

How to make a custom Wii VC Channel
By Luigi_Fan

Games that have been tested: here.

1. Things you need
2. What you need to do

Things you need

So, let's say that you want to play a rom on your Wii, but you want to actually make it into a VC Channel instead of using an emulator ported to the Wii. Before we can do that, there's some tools you need:
Auto Wad Injector
VC brylt editor
VC Save icon Injector
VC Save icon Generator
A wad manager for the wii
A softmodded wii(duh?)

You can download all of these things here (Decompress it with 7Zip) except for the softmodded wii, of course. :P

What you need to do
To start, you need your rom file, and a donor wad(aka a wii channel). Make sure that the wad is bigger than the rom file, otherwise it will not work. It also has to be the same console(ex. if you're making a custom NES channel, get a NES wad). Linking wads is illegal, so I cannot give any of them.

Open Auto Wad Injector with the wad and the rom file in the same folder. Select the proper console mode, and click on the rom and wad. Put a name for the channel at the bottom and press start and wait. It'll create a new wad with your rom file injected into it.

Now, you probably want to customize the wad so it actually looks real, right? Open Save Icon Maker, take a picture of the title screen in an emulator or look it up online, and open it in the save icon maker. Make sure that you have selected the right console and press "Make." Three files should be created, banner.tpl and two VC pictures.

Open Customizemii, and open your injected wad. Go over to the title tab and erase any titles that have the old name of the wad. Replace the current VCPic with your new one under the banner tab and the current IconVCPic with your new one. Then, go to Layout and extract banner.brylt.

Open vc brylt editor and open banner.brylt. Than, customize it by putting a new title, release date, and amount of players. Then, be very sure to click set on all of those, and then click "save."

Go back to Customizemii, and replace the old banner with the one you just made. If there's a message about the brlan, just press "OK." Then, press "create WAD." A new wad will be created.

Open ShowMiiWads. Add the folder where you have your new wad. Then, right click it and press "extract to>folder" and then choose anywhere. Then, open Save Icon Injector and select the appropriate console mode, and get the banner.tpl that the save icon generator made. Then, inject it into the from the wad files you just decompressed. If there's a runtime error, just ignore it and press OK.

Finally, go to "Tools>Pack Wad" and choose the folder with the .app files. Another new wad file will be made.

So, you've finally made a custom VC channel! But now, we have to install it on our softmodded Wii, so we'll need a wad manager. I recommend this one:

Open the homebrew app in the homebrew channel or letterbomb or however you load homebrews. Put the wad on a SD card or a Flash card, and insert it into the wii. Select the appropriate device and install the wad.

Congratulations! You can you play the rom on your Wii! Enjoy!

NOTE: I cannot guarantee all roms will work on the Wii. So, please don't blame me if it doesn't work. You have been warned. You can check the compatibility list before hand before injecting a game to be on the safe side.
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