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Description: Hello everybody! This is my first ever board that I created in PartyPlanner64, and I’ve decided to give it my best effort and SHOW YOU WHAT I GOT! As the theme of this contest implies (which is time), this board solely revolves around clocks and time travel! Welcome one and all to the legendary TICK TOCK TIME made by ME, COOKYCAKE38 (also known as SOUSAMASTA47 in Discord)! In this detailed description, I will tell you the amazing gimmicks that take hold in this journey through space and time! LET US BEGIN!

The Background:
As the third word of the title implies, this board takes place through time and space. This board has many objects that are found in the past, such as the Nintendo 64 (from the 90s), a Volkswagen Minivan (from the 60s), and more! This board gives a colorful color palette to represent how weird traveling through time and space can be!

Path Layout:
This path layout has you going onto many different sets of clocks (and a star). Each clock can conceal your fate in the game (hopefully). The beginner clock (on the start of the board) starts your journey to becoming a superstar, consisting of only 2 spaces. The two spaces are the start space (duh), and a blue space. When you visit the Chance Time Clock on the upper left of the map, it contains many chance time spaces, requiring you to take a risk to get the star in the middle. Do you take the star and risk getting chance time? Or do you decide to play it safe and let another person have that star? The same thing goes to the Bowser Clock, where instead of containing many chance time spaces, it will contain LOTS of Bowser Spaces! The mushroom clock (which is in about the middle of the map) is a bit easier than the other two, as it contains no chance time space nor bowser space around the clock, but there are a few when you go near the clock’s core. Finally, there is the travel clock where you have the ability to walk back around to the Mushroom Clock, or the Beginner Clock (with the help of one of the time stars, Party Star) so you can loop the course!

Custom Events:
I thank the following people (Rain, Spongyoshi, and more) for helping me with the custom events (and creating some). I really appreciate what you did for me! Again, thanks! :) Ok, back to the custom events!

Event 1: This event is found in the Chance Time clock, the mushroom clock, and the travel clock (on the top right of the map). This event introduces Mr. Star, the elder of the guardians that protect space and time, THE TIME STARS! He has the power to transport you to the Bowser Clock! The catch is, you will be doing a little bit of TIME TRAVEL during the process, where you are taken to the prehistoric age, where dinosaurs dominated the area (as explained after the warp). The dinosaur would bite some coins out of you, returning to the Bowser Clock losing coins.

Event 2: This event is found in the rainbow bridge connecting the beginner clock (on the start of the board) and the Bowser clock, the travel clock (on the top right of the map), and the Bowser Clock (on the bottom left of the map). This event has Mr. Star (previously mentioned in Event 1) have the power to transport you to the Chance Time Clock! As previously mentioned in Event 1, you will be doing some time travel during the process where this time, you will be taken to the 1700s, where George Washington will give you some golden coins for the road (as explained after the warp), how generous! You will return back to the Chance Time Clock with gained coins.

Event 3: This final event is found only on Party Star himself (on the middle right of the map). Party Star has the power to poison a player randomly  on the next turn with the all-mighty powerful TIME MUSHROOM (which is exactly like the poison mushroom, but the name is changed due to branding and copyright)!

Posted by: cookycake38 August 31, 2021

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