Aqua Land v1


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Description: Hi!

Welcome to Aqua Land! Explore the depths of the ocean on the hunt for Stars!

This is my fourth board created based off various elements and characters from the underwater levels in the Mario series. All of the art and illustrations were drawn by me.

There are a few split paths with various events sprinkled around, two Koopa Banks, a Boo and a few custom events:

Dorrie's Cave: This path acts as a shortcut across the board and you can also steal coins from a giant, sleeping Dorrie However, you have to pay a fee to Sushi in order to pass through! Thanks to MarioComix for "Sushi's Secret Passageway" and "Give Current Player Coins" custom events.

Randomize Duel/Item Minigames: All duels and item games are randomized each turn. Thanks to MarioComix for this custom event.

Buried Items: Some Happening Spaces contain buried items you can collect. Again, thanks to MarioComix for his "Get Item" custom event.

Whirpool Warps: There are also some Happening Spaces that will warp you across the board. This custom event is courtesy of Spongyoshi.

One of the only strange behaviors is that CPU players will sometimes not take the path to the Star.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it!  :)
Posted by: MisterThias64 June 13, 2021

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