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Description: This event is an adaptation of Chance Time to make it more balanced, while also retaining the randomness that makes Chance Time as exciting as it is. In this iteration, you will be able to choose the player giving the prize, receiving the prize, or what event will happen. The rest of the event will be done at random. You may also choose to have it all be random, if you really want some chaos! It also includes 2 outcomes that aren't present on Mario Party 3's Chance Time, which is the Swap Stars and Swap Coins events.

To set up the event on your Custom Board, you will need an extra blank space to be placed near the space that will trigger the event (Much like Shops, Boo, etc), since that is where Toad will spawn on the board to host Chance Time EX. (Use the Image above for reference)

original concept by Sly, slightly modified by me
Posted by: Airsolan™ January 23, 2020

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