Ganon's Spooky Forest

Ganon's Spooky Forest.json

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Description: This is a Custom Made Board By DK Gaming GoPro 64. Which is me lol. But the map is called Ganon's Spooky Forest, The Map Difficulty is 3 Stars
Nintendo Game Mario Party 2 :mario:
Creator DK Gaming GoPro 64 :donkeykong:
Music Horror Land  :kingboo: :kamek:
Posted by: DK Gaming GoPro 64 September 25, 2017

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Shy Guy

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October 09, 2017
honestly this board is WAY TO BIG, I think you should remove A LOT of spaces and add more forks.
Several are recommended, with different paths having balanced incentives and disincentives.
Alternating special spaces immediately after split paths adds a level of control.
Having too little reduces board depth, having too many reduces decision weight.
Item Shop:
A very strong resource that helps you control the pace of the game.
you Should make it more easy to run into but don't be too easy to farm.

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