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Title: Project64 Bad ROM
Post by: Dukemon on November 02, 2017
I wanted to try out this online tool because I am interested in. :D
Well, I have misshanled the map editor from AOE2 to create a 3D moddeld board, with Photoshop I cut some images to needed image sizes. With the Introductions from Party Planner 64 I put all together.

this are the results
the board
board logo (, conversation ( and splash screen (

Link to Board File: Link (

Board with spaces


At first I wanted to have the star in the middle of the red spaces. The star behavior should be the same as on Peachs Birthday Cake, but PartyPlanner64 does not accept it. So I have marked other spaces. Now the tool allowed to overwrite DKs Jungle Adventure. Ok, I do it for first time.
But always when I want to open this downloaded ROM Project64 says 'Bad Rom' and does  not load the game.

What went wrong? Could some one explain me the problem?

edit: Project64k is running this ROM til I want to start with the party settings than it is only a black screen. :s
Title: Re: Project64 Bad ROM
Post by: SuperZambezi on November 02, 2017
Hey there! Using AOE is a way to make custom boards is a great idea!

As for the issue, I put the .json into PP64 and I got this error: "characters and objects should not be on the player path."

This would refer to Koopa Troopa at that START. You need to leave the START space alone and off to the site. Make an invisible space and make that space the "Pass start" event. You can place the Koopa icon next to the invisible space like you did for Bowser.

And for Bowser you'll want to add the event for his invisible space as well. Same thing for Boo.

Look at the real boards in PP64 to see how they did it for examples. Hope that helps!
Title: Re: Project64 Bad ROM
Post by: Dukemon on November 02, 2017
Hi, thank you.

So, some fixes I wanted try after it has run on P64. Now it does. The file want some extra properties ex. more RDRAM.

I have fixed the issues with spaces. Now I would like to have this star bahivor from PeachBirthdaycake. How does it work?
And where can I add some textes for ?-spaces?
Title: Re: Project64 Bad ROM
Post by: Professor C-Dawg on November 04, 2017
Quite creative of you to use AoE2! I'd never thought of something like that!  ;D
Title: Re: Project64 Bad ROM
Post by: Bubblegum Chameleon on November 11, 2017
I never heard of AoE2 before. I'm hoping I can get it on Google Play cause if it a PC Window only thing, Then there goes another reason on why I hate the chromebook for now letting me use .exe files. This thing have more restriction then anything I ever seen.
Title: Re: Project64 Bad ROM
Post by: Dukemon on November 11, 2017
AoE2 is real-time strategy from Microsoft. On ebay or second hand busineses you should find the CD version from 99 with AddOn The Conquerors. Or you go into the Steam Shop and buy the HD version with new content. In Windows Store you will only find a pre order page for Age of Empires Definitive Edition at this time.
Title: Re: Project64 Bad ROM
Post by: Professor C-Dawg on November 15, 2017
Chromebook is not restricting you from using .exe files, it literally doesn't have the ability to run them. In fact, no operating system except Windows has that ability without using software emulation as far as I know. It does suck, but Chrome OS is not designed for that sort of thing due to the simplistic nature of Chromebooks.