Super Yoshiyay Party (Part One)

Yoshi's Yacht (SYP).json

Maple Blossom Beach (SYP).json1.07MB
Perplexing Pyramid (SYP).json770.71kB
Bob-omb World (SYP).json1.03MB
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Description: This was supposed to come out in August last year...

Super Yoshiyay Party is a collection of six boards that I've made that I deem to be playable and not absolutely terrible. There were supposed to be seven, but I decided to just go with six so that all of them could be on a single rom, and also I didn't feel like finishing the seventh one :(. I would recommend that if you have a lot of time on your hands, you could put all the boards in Super Yoshiyay Party (Part One and Part Two) into a single ROM file and play them in order, but of course, not forcing you!!

Anyways, I'm very sorry for the VERY late release, but here's Super Yoshiyay Party! Please tell me if you find any glitches!

Thanks to:
and everyone else who helped me with the events or ideas for the boards!
Posted by: YoshiYay! May 27, 2022

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