Mario Party 3 Custom Boards

A Tribute To Super Mario V1 (None)17351364December 24, 2018Guest
Custom Map: Pokemon's Johto Region (None)23202005February 16, 2018Acester1642
Colossal Fishy Island (None)13971150December 27, 2019AeroG79
BBBB (None)1304557May 27, 2021AeroG79
Primal Isles (Airsola™) ****54643033February 17, 2021Airsola™
Grunty's Furnace Fun (Airsola™) ****59263129March 20, 2023Airsola™
Towering Treetop (AirsolaPorts) ****64494250December 01, 2020Airsola™
Pirate Dream (AirsolaPorts) ****55033353February 27, 2020Airsola™
Shiver Blossom Shore (Airsola™) ****46182448January 29, 2022Airsola™
Parched Sands (Airsola™) ****32651532March 13, 2022Airsola™
Seasonal Woodland (Airsola™) ****78145105February 07, 2021Airsola™
Ghastly Graveyard (Airsola™) (None)43613393November 04, 2022Airsola™
Animal Crossing (None)63085494January 16, 2018Alexandyr
Katamari Land (None)28033329January 21, 2018Alexandyr
Gettysburg College (V1) (None)525248August 04, 2021BestBoyJulian02
Dream Land v1.1 (None)2039920October 11, 2020BF10
Daisy's Mexican Cafe (V1) (None)1665867May 30, 2022BFDIU Official
Error_BoardNotFound [V1] (None)823354June 28, 2022BFDIU Official
Victoria Island (None)848423November 16, 2021BornofDreamers
Yoshi's Galapagos v1.4 - Read Description (None)28351685May 28, 2021Boshi
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