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Minigames (and Minigame Modes)
« on: March 26, 2012 »

Free-For-All (2+ Players can play)
10 to Win
Stacked Deck
Toad and go Seek
Coin Block Bash
Bowser's Biggest Blast! (Bowser's Big Blast)
Panels of Doom
Hot Bob-omb
Puzzle Paths (Memory Lane)
Manor Escape
Timer Bombs
Ballistic Beach
Bob-omb Pickers (Honeycomb Havoc)
Frenzy Mining

Day at the Races
Same is Lame
Toadstool Titan
Battle Ships
Some game copying the Whomp boss in MP9
Rocket Launching

1 vs 3
Look Away
Hide and Sneak
Tower Tumble (Custom Game)
Coin Tube (Custom Game)
Snow Brawl

2 vs 2
Money Belts (My own version)
Panel Pickers (Custom Game)
Team Puzzle Paths (Custom Game - biased off of Memory Lane)
High Rollers (Custom Game)
Picture This

End of the Line
Rock, Paper, Mario!
Quick-Draw Corks
Combo Breakers

Minigame Modes

Free Play
    - Play the mini-games freely as much as you like as long as I'm online ;D
    - Need another person to play, and must all be available right at the moment ~ games will be faster here
    - To start this, just shout it in the shoutbox while I'm on.

Minigame Track
    - Will be an activity in Activity Central
    - Basically plays like "Step-it-Up" - except in 4-player games, the better place you get, the further you go!
    - Plays 4 player, 1vs3m and 2vs2 at random

Choice Challenge
    - Will be an activity in Activity Central
    - Basically plays like in MP9, but goes for multiple rounds
    - Sure, there are bonus games there... but they still can be played! Game is ready to play!

-no name yet-   Requirement ~ 1vs3 --> 5/6
                                                                    2vs2 --> 5/6

    - Will be an activity in Activity Central
    - There will be 6 Mini-games played
    - Players will choose 2 mini-games they want to control (#1-6)
    - Depending on what players choose will determine what kind of Mini-game you will play (4-player, 2vs2, 1vs3)
    - Will be available once 6 1vs3 Mini-games and 6 2vs2 Mini-games have been created (Progress above)
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