Starship Mario (Fortune Street) v1

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Description: This is an adaptation of the map "Starship Mario" from the game Fortune Street for the Wii. While Fortune Street's version of this map is pretty much riddled with issues due to the nature of the game as a sort of Monopoly-like, it turns out that its zany design actually fits in Mario Party pretty well.

Landing on a Happening Space sends you to the other Happening Space with the same-color path background (using Airsola™'s Landing Warp v3:;sa=view;down=291). This can cause players to get stuck in the upper left corner area for quite a while if they're not prepared for it.

This map is a bit weird for sure and definitely not for the faint of heart, but you might like it if you enjoy zany unpredictable nonsense in Mario Party.
Posted by: Julia Pseudo July 15, 2021

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