Warp Anywhere Event (Board Walking) (MP3) [Rainchus]

WarpAnywhere (Board Walking).c

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For this event to work properly, it needs to be modified for each individual board. In the array named "spaceArray[]" you need to define the next space index and previous space index for each space. There is an example included in the event, and it is set up specifically to work with Airsola's Primal Isles board. So you can view that to get a better idea of how it works if you are confused.

After you close the initial text box you can move the player around with the control stick and freely walk to whichever space you want. When you press R, a text box will come up saying you pressed R, and the player will be set to the nearest space. If you try to set the player onto an invisible space, it'll say you pressed R and then also say that the selected space cannot be warped to.

Currently, CPUs completely skip over the event. Maybe in the future I'll implement some basic AI logic so they can choose a space as well.

If you encounter bugs with this, feel free to contact me on the mario party legacy discord in the #party-planner-64 channel under Rain#4061
Posted by: Rainchus September 08, 2020

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